Client was been injured on the job 13 months ago that was significant enough to keep him from working. Due to the severity of the injury he foresees another 6-12 months before returning to work. Debt was piling up, credit cards and lines of credit are all maxed and his credit score had decreased drastically due to the high credit balances.  After being declined at his bank for a refinance to consolidate the debt, his next step was to sell his home of 20 years. Luckily, we were introduced to this gentleman and within 12 hours of our meeting we had secured a 2nd mortgage to pay off 100% of his high interest debt and put an additional $50,000 in his account to assist with ongoing costs until he is back at work.  Once all said and done we were able to cut his interest payments down by $1900 per month!

Happy Client, Happy Mortgage Team!